🎯 A Crosshair Overlay for any screen.

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🎯 Adjustable gaming Crosshair Overlay for any screen

CrossOver allows you to place a customizable crosshair overlay above any application window. Improve your aim and gain a competitive advantage with a permanant colored crosshair to mark center screen.

Quick Start

Download CrossOver for Windows

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Download CrossOver

Other crosshair programs offer a single style or color option, and often don’t allow you to reposition them. CrossOver is a small, unintrusive crosshair overlay which has plenty of configuration options to assist with aiming and vision of your crosshair. CrossOver offers a huge improvement to many games’ default crosshairs for those with colorblindness or contrast issues.

Thanks to Reddit user /u/IrisFlame for the premade library of crosshairs!


macOS 10.10+, Linux, and Windows 7+ are supported.

Download the latest version of CrossOver from the releases page


Download the .exe file. (CrossOver-Setup-x.x.x.exe)


Download the .dmg file. (CrossOver-x.x.x.dmg)


Download the .AppImage or .deb file.

The AppImage needs to be made executable after download.

Because this app is Free and Open-Source, we cannot afford to sign our code. This means Chrome may warn about an untrusted download, this is normal. Click the arrow icon -> Keep to finish downloading. Windows Defender and Mac Gatekeeper will prevent you from running the app the first time.

Windows protected your PC.


“CrossOver” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.

Further instructions for Windows and Mac


❌ marks the spot…

Click and drag the crosshair to anywhere on any screen.

Click ‘Choose Crosshair’ to select from tons of preloaded crosshairs.

Drag an image to the window to use your own custom crosshair.

To quit in Windows, toggle the app unlocked and right-click > Close.

On a Mac, the Option key is used instead of Alt.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Description Keys
Toggle the settings window and lock the crosshair in place Control-Alt-Shift-X
Quickly hide/show the application Control-Alt-Shift-E
Center the crosshair window Control-Alt-Shift-C
Reset all settings and center the window Control-Alt-Shift-R
Display the “About” window details Control-Alt-Shift-A
Move the crosshair a single pixel Control-Alt-Shift-Arrows

(MacOS only) Double-click the drag icon or to center the crosshair on the current display.


Built with Electron. Simple HTML and Javascript, no framework.

Start developing in src/main.js and src/renderer.js.


$ npm install && npm start


wine and mono must be installed for Windows builds (macOS)

$ npm run build


$ npm run release

Then edit the automatically created GitHub Releases draft and publish.


Hidden by fullscreen apps

Currently CrossOver only works with windowed applications, use Windowed Fullscreen mode if your game or application supports it. Windows - []

Sight is deformed or off by 1 pixel

Due to limitations in chrome we are unable to generate sub-pixel graphics, although there may be a way…

Transparency not working

Black window appears behind CrossOver. CrossOver will not hide settings when locked. Crosshair loses opacity (becomes opaque). Linux (debian) - []


An extra big thanks to the crosshair providers, as this wouldn’t be possible without them: